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We think that it is very unlikely that you will not be perfectly happy with our product range, but if you are, you may return it within 30 days. Please contact us to let us know why you are dissatisfied and that you intend to return our product. Return shipping is not covered by us and your refund will be authorised when we receive your returned product. But really, this is very unlikely to happen!

Yes, we currently ship to Ireland, the UK and the US. The Dunit and Dog Dunit Flushable Waste Bags are products that can be used in almost any country. Contact us for delivery costs and we will do our best to get our products to you.

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Dunit FAQ’s

The Dunit (patented) retrofits to any domestic sewer system. Once installed it provides direct access to the domestic sewer system. It is simple to use. Open the tray, drop in the dog waste, now close the tray. The waste is now disposed of along with the normal functioning of the internal wastewater household systems (toilets etc..). If if you feel the need to, you can also flush the Dunit.

No, in fact both the cleanoutDunit and manholeDunit require minimal installation. The downpipeDunit does require minor DIY skills and the use of a pencil, saw and screwdriver. Why not check out our cleanoutDunit installation video, manholeDunit installation video, and downpipeDunit installation video and see how simple it really is.

To clean the tray, open your Dunit, pour some bleach and water into the tray, then leave to sit for 10 minutes. Now close the tray. If the tray is particularly dirty so can leave the bleach dilute sit for longer or indeed give it a light scrub with a toilet blush. The tray is biased to direct the water into the sewer incase of overflow. Unlike other similar products, when your Dunit tray is in the open or closed position, the internal sewer system is always closed off. Hygiene is important.

Yes. Although it is not always needed if your internal household waste systems are being used regularly. When you use your Dunit intermittently the dog waste will wash away with the normal functioning of the internal household waste system. However if you need to, the way we recommend to flush your Dunit If you have overused it, is to simply open the tray, fill with water with or without dog waste in it, and close. This action dumps the water into the sewer just like flushing a toilet. As you pour water into the tray, the water will always flow into the sewer, so no splashback if you fill the tray carefully. On an environmental note, instead of using tap water from a hose, leave a bucket or jug out to collect rainwater, and try to reuse what mother nature gives us.

You can also unscrew the top of your Dunit and the bottom of your Dunit in order to provide more direct access to the sewer system.

The only bag we recommend to use with your Dunit are our Flushable Dog Dunit Bags. Flushable Dog Dunit Bags have been specifically designed to work with your Dunit. We do not recommend any other flushable bags as we cannot vouch for their manufacturing standards. No other type of bag should be used, even if they are marked biodegradable, they will potentially block your sewer system.

With appropriate use, your Dunit will last the lifetime of your sewer system.

Almost definitely. The Dunit retrofits to a sewer pipe, so all we need to work out is what off the shelf sewer adaptor that you need to connect them up. Contact us and we will figure this out together.

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Flushable Dog Dunit Bags FAQ’s

Yes. Flushable Dog Dunit Bags only begin to breakdown when they are exposed to significant amounts of water. Generally only when they are partially or wholly submersed in water.

The same way you would use any other bag. Place your hand inside the bag, gather the dog waste and invert the bag. We would recommend that you do not knot or tie the bag as this may cause air to get trapped. In turn, it may take longer for them to flush down your toilet or move through your sewer system if you drop one in your Dunit.

Yes, in fact it is generally accepted that disposing of dog waste in the same way human waste is dealt with, is the best way overall. Dog waste has some very serious pathogens in it, see our poop crash course page for some real facts about the hazardous nature of dog waste.

No, our bags are made from a substance called PVA/PVOH which is non-toxic to the environment. In fact, out of all the varying types of biodegradable dog waste bags out there, Flushable Dog Dunit Bags are some of the friendliest to the environment, not only because they dissolve in water and are non-toxic but also because if you drop them in your Dunit or flush them down your toilet, dog waste will no longer end up in landfill sites.

Yes, in fact they are at the top of the biodegradability level. If you collect dog waste in other biodegradable bags, they need heat and light to dissolve completely and more importantly to kill the pathogens present in the dog waste. Flushable Dog Dunit Bags on the other hand only need water and the dog waste is then dealt with in the same manner as human waste. Although even if you throw them in a bin, Flushable Dog Waste Bags are still safer for the environment than biodegradable bags.

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