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Flushable Dog Dunit Bags! - What Are They?

Flushable Dog Dunit bags are made completely from PVA/PVOH. PVA; poly vinyl alcohol begins to degrade once submersed in water, and there’s no need to worry about those rainy days! As such, they can be flushed down your toilet or placed directly into your Dunit after you come back from walking your dog.

Flushable Dog Dunit bags are non-toxic to the environment, and hydro-degradeable (water soluble). They are the most environmentally friendly dog poop bags on the market today. In contrast, normal biodegradable bags need heat and light to break down, even then, they take much longer to fully degrade and more often than not end up in your wheelie bin costing you money, and after that in landfills costing our environment its’ health.

Flushable Dunit bags are the perfect partner to your Dunit. We only recommend that you use Dunit bags or no bag at all when disposing of dog waste in your Dunit. For more information on any of our products please visit our FAQ page. Buy Now!

20 minute Timelapse of a Flushable Dog Dunit Poop Bag. In the Rain!!!